Final report submitted

The final financial and scientific reports have been submitted to the Research Executive Agency of the European Commission.

Dr. Luca Aluigi and Prof. Domenico Zito are grateful to: the European Commission for their financial support to the project FLARES through the grant No. 625907, the project officer Dr. Cristina Marcone, and the scientific collaborators Prof. Alimenti, Prof. Gallagher, and Dr. Pepe.

End of the project

The FLARES project ends today. All the tasks have been completed successfully. We designed, fabricated and tested in our laboratory the world-1st system-on-a-chip radiometric receiver for space-borne observations of solar flares. Five conference papers have been published, two journal papers and one conference paper have been submitted for publication. The results obtained from our research demonstrate the high potential and innovation for achieving a significant improvement with respect to the state-of-the-art instruments for the observation of solar flares. In particular, the proposed SoC Dicke radiometer can achieve one order of magnitude improvement in terms of resolution, so allowing the detection of solar flares with relatively low intensity, i.e. about 100 times lower than those currently detected by the existing systems, owing to spaceborne operations and the microchip-level miniaturization through silicon technology under space qualification. The proposed solution enables a significant reduction of weight, size, and power consumption, strategically important for space applications, especially for micro-, nano- and pico-LEO satellite missions. In perspective, the SoC approach allows a number of innovations, such as on-chip calibration circuitry, on-chip thermal stabilization and on-chip analog-to-digital converter, integrated all together with the receiver circuitry. The results of FLARES, extendable also in other frequency bands, are very promising and provide a good basis for further developments both for 1-, and 2-D observations when combined in focal plane arrays of SoC radiometers.

Task 5 completed

The experimental characterization of test chips has been completed successfully. Many thanks to Dr. Domenico Pepe, Marconi Lab, Tyndall National Institute, for his contribution to test-chip measurements.